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As an advocate for free culture, I have considered whether I should release this website under a free license. On one hand, I have long recognized the immense value that comes from a growing creative commons. On the other hand, I am concerned about people duplicating my personal information in a way that could be damaging to my reputation. As the best safeguard I have against harmful usage of my personal content is copyright law, I ultimately decided to reserve all my rights.

Certain pages on this website may be released under free licenses, especially project pages that have very little to do with me personally. The specific copyright information provided on an individual page overrides the general terms set forth on this page. The sole exception to this rule is self-portraits: under no circumstances is any photograph of myself distributed as part of this website dedicated to the public domain or otherwise freely licensed.


Some materials distributed as part of this site are not my intellectual property. They are used under license or fair use. For each work used in this way, attribution information, if applicable, is provided on the respective pages where the materials are used; if the attribution is not provided inline, it may be viewed by clicking on "Intellectual property information" at the bottom of the page. Other intellectual property information may also be viewed in this manner.

In some cases, an image may appear on a page as a preview or teaser for some other page. (For example, the posts page includes a preview image teasing each post.) The attributions for these images, if applicable, is provided on the pages they tease rather than on the pages where they appear.

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