Hi, I'm Gabe.

And these are some things I've done.

Spot Bot

Spot Bot is a Slack Extension that allows coworkers to play the fun game of "spotted."

Rank Anything

A simple way to rank any list of things using a minimal number of one-on-one comparisons.

Alameda County Court Watch

Alameda County Court Watch maintains free public access to thousands of civil proceedings in Alameda County Superior Court, fulfilling a vital public information need.

Auto CCM

Auto CCM is a tool that streamlines formatting in CAS-ILE, an interactive learning environment that is used by University of Illinois NetMath students. With this simple browser extension, the tedious process of formatting math in CAS-ILE is a breeze.


Julieta Ulanovsky's 2011 geometric sans-serif Montserrat is perfect in every way—except that its uppercase G lacks a bar. Gontserrat adds the bar—and only the bar—to Montserrat. Yes, this is really something that people want.

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