Hi, I'm Gabe.

And these are some things I've done.

Rank Anything

A simple way to rank any list of things using a minimal number of one-on-one comparisons.

Alameda County Court Watch

Alameda County Court Watch maintains free public access to thousands of civil proceedings in Alameda County Superior Court, fulfilling a vital public information need.

Auto CCM

Auto CCM is a tool that streamlines formatting in CAS-ILE, an interactive learning environment that is used by University of Illinois NetMath students. With this simple browser extension, the tedious process of formatting math in CAS-ILE is a breeze.

Daily Place Fix

Each and every day of the year, Daily Place Fix (@dailyplacefix) shares a place of the day with the world. In service since May 2020, Daily Place Fix promotes cultural understanding through its regular updates on every nook and cranny of the globe.


Julieta Ulanovsky's 2011 geometric sans-serif Montserrat is perfect in every way—except that its uppercase G lacks a bar. Gontserrat adds the bar—and only the bar—to Montserrat. Yes, this is really something that people want.

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