Gontserrat is a derivative font of the font Montserrat that is the same in every way, except that the capital G has gotten a makeover. Gontserrat is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1 and is not associated with the creators of Montserrat.


By downloading and using the following TTF font files, you agree to the license enclosed therein.


Montserrat is a sleek, elegant, modern font that I absolutely love. It has an Achilles' heel, however: the capital G looks absolutely hideous.

While we recognize the artistic choices that the Montserrat designers had to make, we believe that they made a mistake by denying their capital G a horizontal bar. Before now, we would go to great lengths to avoid use of the capital G where we used Montserrat, because we just do not appreciate how it looks. This process being less than ideal, we were determined to change the way the G looks.

This is the form of the uppercase G in Gontserrat. It is the only change we made to Montserrat: that way, we can improve the sole weakness of the font without compromising any of its other aspects. Gontserrat may not be the OG, but it is certainly a G!