Spot Bot

A person in a hood taking a photograph with a DSLR.

"Spotting" is a fun game that played among colleagues who take photos ("spots") of each other in the wild. Spot Bot is a Slack App that allows you to keep track of players' spots.


To install Spot Bot, add Spot Bot to your workspace using the below installation button. Then, add Spot Bot to the channel that you want to play in.

By installing Spot Bot, you agree that you have read and agree to our terms of use and privacy policy.

Using Spot Bot

Once Spot Bot is in a channel, you can use Spot Bot with the following keywords:
  • spot, spotted: Spot people by mentioning them in a message with the keyword spot or spotted and a picture of your spot.
  • spotboard: Show how many times each channel member has spotted someone else.
  • caughtboard: Show how many times each channel member has been spotted.
  • pics: View all pics of a person by tagging them in a message with the pics keyword.
  • referendum: Reply referendum to a spot to start a 24-hour vote to determine if the spot will count or not.
  • reset: Reset the spot record in a channel.
Here are some other tips for using Spot Bot:
  • Look out for ✅. If you don't see ✅, your spot didn't count!
  • If you didn't spot something correctly, you can edit your message within one minute of sending it to correct the error.
  • If you delete a message, the spot will no longer count!
  • Spotbot will treat each channel of the workspace separately so different teams can maintain their own spot boards.


Spot Bot is maintained on GitHub.