Auto CCM

Supercharge your courseware experience

Auto CCM is an all-in-one tool to streamline CAS-ILE, an integrated learning environment used by the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign's NetMath program. Whether you want to format math, customize your courseware, or enable spell chcking—if it's on courseware, Auto CCM has got you covered.


Automatic formatting

Automatically or semi-automatically format all math in a notebook.

Theme customization

Choose between classic and default themes.

Spell checking

Catch your worst typos before your instructor does.

Unsaved work warnings

Get warned if—and only if—you are about to lose unsaved work.

Save shortcut

Save easily and quickly by using Ctrl+S (instead of having to press a button).

Quick links

Click the Auto CCM icon to have a menu of websites at your fingertips.


— Stella Chung
Intuitive, efficient, and consistent. This is a wonderful extension to use when completing tasks in the CAS-ILE program.
— William Zhong
You know, at first, I doubted Auto CCM and its uses. Why stop the satisfying process of Ctrl-M-ing chunks of unformatted math? But [Auto CCM]'s excellent marketing team really convinced me to add this extension to my own browser. And I've got to say, I don't regret it one bit!
— Pavan Pandurangi