Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of use

By installing Spot Bot, you agree you have read and agree to these terms of use.

Spot Bot is provided as-is and without guarantee. You agree that the maintainers of Spot Bot may destroy, alter, modify, or view the data we collect at any time for any reason. Neither Gabriel Classon nor other contributors to Spot Bot shall be held liable for any issues that arise during or due to the use of Spot Bot including, but not limited to, information leaks and security breaches. Spot Bot is for entertainment purposes only and should not be used to store sensitive or important information.

Privacy Policy

As you use our service, we may collect and store the following data:

  • The IDs of your Slack workspace, channel, and users.
  • Basic information about your Slack workspace and channel.
  • The number, times, and character of the messages users in your workspace send on Slack.
  • Links to images sent in your Slack workspace.
  • Authentication credentials necessary for the app to interact with your Slack workspace.
  • Other data strictly necessary for the running of the service.

We reserve the right to personally view this data and to use it to run our service. We will not sell your data or use it to market you any goods or services.

Beyond Slack user IDs and the identity they entail, we do not collect names and other personally identifying information from the individual users of your workspace. We do not collect or store the content of your messages, except transiently to the extent needed to analyze their content to run the Spot Bot. We also do not store the actual images sent in your workspace; the hyperlinks we store require authentication with your workspace to access them.

We have configured our Slack app to have the minimum possible ability to access and manipulate your workspace in order to perform its functionalities. However, the credentials you provide to us give us broad access to your workspace, including the personal information of workspace users and the content of any messages and files sent in channels where the Spot Bot has been added. We promise to not use the credentials we have been provided to access your workspace beyond the extent necessary to fulfill the stated purpose of our app, unless you otherwise provide us permission to do so. (For example, while we can and will view the hyperlinks to images sent in your workspace, we will not use the credentials you have provided us to view the actual images referred to by these hyperlinks without your permission.)

For more information, please contact me.