Before installing Auto CCM, you must read the following text:

This software is provided as-is and without guarantee. While the authors of Auto CCM have worked hard to make it an effective and safe productivity tool, bugs exist and future updates to CAS-ILE may come without warning and threaten the stability of Auto CCM. Neither Gabriel Classon nor contributors to the Auto CCM project shall be held liable for any issues that arise during or due to the use of Auto CCM. These potential issues shall include, but are not limited to, lost work in CAS-ILE. Users of Auto CCM are responsible for using Auto CCM in conjunction with CAS-ILE in a manner that works for them. Frequent saving of work is highly recommended.


Navigate to our Chrome web store listing to install and use Auto CCM. Our extension should work for Chrome versions 62+.


To install Auto CCM for Firefox (versions 78+ supported), click here within the Firefox browser. You should see a prompt asking if you would like to install Auto CCM. If you do not see a prompt, or if the prompt fails, follow these instructions:

  1. Download the file at here (right click on the link and then click “Save link as”)
  2. In the Firefox menu, click "Add-ons."
  3. Next to the "Manage your extensions" header, click the gear icon.
  4. Click "Add extension from file" in the pop-up menu.
  5. Open the .xpi file you just downloaded.

Due to the limited/non-public audience of this add-on, Auto CCM is not eligible for being listed in the Mozilla Add-on Gallery. This is why Auto CCM for Firefox must be installed from this website.

Auto CCM is designed and optimized for use in Chrome, so we recommend that you use Chrome to access the extension. However, we recognize that a large number of users may use Firefox as their daily browser; in fact, the recommended browser for CAS-ILE is Firefox, not Chrome. Therefore, we choose to offer Auto CCM to Firefox users.